Summer Dive at Julian Rocks

A few dive highlights from Byron Bay from a summer dive.

Snorkelling the Tassie 2 wreck in Byron Bay

Taking my GoPro Hero3 out for one last run, while waiting for the Hero5 supersuit to arrive.

Scuba Diving off Julian Rocks in Byron Bay

Finished some quick editing after an awesome day of diving off Australia's most easterly point in Byron Bay!

Learning Spanish on the Go!

Tips and tricks to learning Spanish without taking significant time away from your life.

Argentina, USA, Canada, USA, Argentina

Catching a bus from Puerto Varas, Chile to Bariloche, Argentina. Flying to Buenos Aires and on and on...

Belize, San Francisco, and Living in Chile - Part 1

Belize for Christmas, San Francisco for New Years Eve, and 3 months of living in Chile.

Scuba Diving: San Pedro, Belize - Christmas Eve

Did two dives off San Pedro, Belize on Christmas eve in the crystal clear Caribbean sea.

Scuba Diving: Cook Island (Shark Alley) off the Gold Coast, Australia

Did two dives near cook Island and got the chance to see lots of Grey Nurse sharks!

Setting up an AWS EC2 Instance with LAMP and GIT

Take advantage of Amazon's cloud computing technology side by side with git to deployment and version control for your web application in this step by step tutorial.

Scuba Diving: San Pedro Belize and the Blue Hole

I took a week off work to visit the Caribbean and bought a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

Travelling: South America 2011

From the start of September I went overseas for three months, this is South America.

Scuba Diving: Phuket Thailand

In Early 2010 I went to Phuket Thailand to Scuba Dive.

Maybe you should watch Youtube

YouTube channels to watch when your stuck at home with no friends...

Favourite Albums of 2010 Strikes Back

As summer comes to an end and university study load picks up I finally have enough time to procrastinate and write a follow up post to Favourite Albums of 2010.

Favourite Albums of 2010

until June First up, welcome to my website and concurrently first blog post. I thought I might take the time out of my life at 2am to give very little publicity to some of my favorite albums that I have been enjoying so far this year.