Favourite Albums of 2010 Strikes Back

Favourite Albums of 2010 Strikes Back

As summer comes to an end and university study load picks up I finally have enough time to procrastinate and write a follow up post to Favourite Albums of 2010.

Awesome year of music especially Parklife in Brisbane where I saw Cut Copy, Soulwax, Darwin Deez, The Wombats and tons of others and scored a free VIP ticket, most excellent day!

In the direction of festivals Big Day Out 2011 was amazing great acts great people, perfect day and Crystal Castles!

Anyways onto wrapping up my favourite albums of 2010~

Bag Raiders

I saw this duo of dj at The Ruby Tramp such a great event, Jack Glass is awesome probably hi-fived him too many times but it made my night. Amazing music! If you enjoy it here’s another great vid.

Gypsy and the Cat

I don’t know what to say about these guys except their music pleases me, couldn’t wipe the grin off my face when I saw them at Big Day Out on the Gold Coast. They have numerous good songs so if you enjoy this look up the rest!

Miami Horror

I loved this album, so many great songs but this one definitely stands out, there is also a lot of great remixes that were released with their album notably Hook and Sling’s

Glitch Mob

These guys are a glitchy delight their album Drink The Sea has plenty captivating songs and very is enjoyable if you’re into glitchy pop electronic.

And that sums up 2010, thanks for reading.