Favourite Albums of 2010

Favourite Albums of 2010

until June.

First up, welcome to my website and concurrently first blog post.

I thought I might take the time out of my life at 2am to give very little publicity to some of my favorite albums that I have been enjoying so far this year.


Crystal Castles: Crystal Castles

This is a great electronic album! Enough said, watch the music unfold.

Yeasayer: The Children

This album is sort of a chilled out blend of electronic and rock. I’ll call them modern day Pink Floyd but that’s a bit of a stretch and a lie. Anyways enough said this is one of the singles from the album.

Chiddy Bang: Swelly Express

You may have heard Chiddy Bang’s remix of Kids by MGMT called Opposite of Adults if not check it out here. I love this album, best hip-hop artist since Lupe Fiasco.

also here is a link to a free download of his ‘Air Swell Mix-tape’ and it’s quite a good little hip-hop mix-tape. Its songs also feature samples from La Roux and Hot Chip, and most of all its free.