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Lost on the Floor - 2014 Redesign

Lost on the Floor is dedicated to discovering new music and events from a wide range of artists and genres, by partying, travelling and exploring the world.

Lost on the Floor

Lost on the Floor is an Australian music website dedicated to discovering new and underground indie artists and electronic music.

3D Scene, Dystopian Noir City Train

This was a group project for a university course in Parametric modeling created in 3DS Max

3D Product Model, Tuk Tuk

3D Tuk Tuk Taxi developed by Devon Mather for 2575QCA at Griffith University

Website, Two Dogs Media

Two Dogs Media website was created for a client which is a media consultancy firm that plans and buys all forms of media throughout many channels across Australia.

Project, iPad Application

Elders Pest Control iPad Application developed by iMakers

3D Game Model, Mil Mi 26 Helicoptor

3D Mil Mi 26 Developed for Raindrop mod by Devon Mather

Game Character, Pilot

3D Pilot Character developed for university by Devon Mather